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This special edition, Premium Packs, can only be found in korean OCG. These cards are previously released promo cards, released in japanese Premium Packs, or other special cards (like V-Jump cards).

This edition is really interesting: you can find even older cards (from original show and from GX), but you can also find some 5D supports and Synchros. Unfortunately, this edition doesn't contain any Exceed support, but it includes some better cards.

It's already released. 4 cards are Ultra Rares, 1 card is Secret Rare (usually).

(Important thing: in OCG special edition boosters (like Premium Pack and Gold Series), all cards have two rarities, so you can even get in Gold Series a common and a Gold Rare Trishula too.)

PP06-KR001 - Gallis the Star Beast
PP06-KR002 - Darkness Destroyer
PP06-KR003 - Neos Wiseman
PP06-KR004 - Elemental HERO Divine Neos
PP06-KR005 - Junk Collector
PP06-KR006 - Backup Warrior
PP06-KR007 - Miracle's Wake
PP06-KR008 - Golem Dragon
PP06-KR009 - Darklord Superbia
PP06-KR010 - Darklord Edeh Arae
PP06-KR011 - Lancer Lindwurm
PP06-KR012 - Cyber Eltanin
PP06-KR013 - Elemental HERO Neos Knight
PP06-KR014 - Malefic Truth Dragon
PP06-KR015 - Hundred-Eyes Dragon
PP06-KR016 - The Tyrant Neptune
PP06-KR017 - Transforming Sphere
PP06-KR018 - The Atmosphere
PP06-KR019 - Junk Blader
PP06-KR020 - Lightning Warrior
PP06-KR021 - Junk Forward
PP06-KR022 - Fallen Angel of Roses
PP06-KR023 - Machina Cannon
PP06-KR024 - Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird
PP06-KR025 - Masked HERO Goka
PP06-KR026 - Masked HERO Vapor
PP06-KR027 - Vision HERO Adoration
PP06-KR028 - Scarred Warrior
PP06-KR029 - Mask Change
PP06-KR030 - A Hero Lives

Personal opinion: I think the previous PP-KR was way better, since it included really good cards, but this edition is also decent. It's still a good buy, since it's cheap (just like all Korean booster displays and cards), and it contains some good Premium Pack cards. My favourites are the HEROes. Very Happy

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