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1Did you know...? Empty Did you know...? Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:00 pm


I just opened this topic if you just find a combo, a good, interesting card, a conception, etc., and you don't want to write about it a whole article, just a few sentences.

I start.

Did you know...

Did you know...? XX-SaberGottomsCT06-EN-ScR-LE

That XX-Saber Gottoms can be Summoned only with Tuners? Since as you can see, the second part don't write "non-Tuner", so if you want, you can use more Tuners - or use only tuners.

That's all for today.

2Did you know...? Empty Re: Did you know...? Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:21 pm


Heh, I have made this topic on KC a while back.

Did you know...

-That Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier is actually a Sea-Serpent?
-That Heraklinos has a piece of every other Gladiator Beasts?
-That Sangan and Witch of the Black Forest has a fusion card named "Sanwitch"?
-That "Rai Oh" in "Thunder King Rai Oh" means "Thunder King"? (So basically that card name is "Thunder King Thunder King")
-That "Spirit Reaper" was the first monster to have the effect of being indestructible by battle?
-That most Scrap monsters had parts from another Scrap Monster on their bodies?
-That "Marauding Captain" appear in 13 other cards, each one explaining his story a little bit more?
-That "Stardust Dragon" is the only card being printed in all rarities, except Common and Rare?
-That "The Fiend Megacyber" is neither a Fiend nor a Machine but a Warrior?
-That "Mystical Space Typhoon" has been reprinted 23 times, more than any other card?

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Did you know...? Ban_max_1

3Did you know...? Empty Re: Did you know...? Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:39 pm


Did you know...

That from March 19 (release of the new Starter), you can't active Ignition Effects when the monster is Summoned?

Monsters with Ignition Effects cannot activate their effects at the same time they were Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or Special Summoned.

A monster's Ignition Effect basically becomes an effect that can be activated during the Main Phase so long as there is nothing else going on at the same time. So now, if another effect or action is resolving, you cannot activate an Ignition Effect until the timing of that specific effect has ended.

You can continue to use the old ruling of using Ignition Effects when you Normal, Flip, or Special Summon until March 18th, 2011 ends. Afterward, it is forbidden to do so from March 19th, 2011 onwards.

Explain in a easier way: these effects will work like Normal/Equipment Spell Cards. The activation timing are the same.

Notable cards that will be affected by this ruling change:
Card Trooper
Dark Armed Dragon
Dark Grepher
Demise, King of Armageddon
Dimensional Alchemist
Dragunity Knight - Gae Dearg
Master Hyperion
Mind Master
Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth
Worm King
Worm Queen
Worm Zero
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Judgment Dragon
Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner
Chaos Sorcerer
Lonefire Blossom
XX-Saber Faultroll
XX-Saber Gottoms
Scrap Golem
Scrap Dragon
Scrap Twin Dragon
Ally of Justice Decisive Armor
Ancient Fairy Dragon
Armory Arm
Dark End Dragon
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Junk Archer
Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 Burei
Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind
Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn
Infernity Mirage
Hundred-Eyes Dragon
Infernity Doom Dragon
Hand of the Six Samurai
Legendary Six Samurai - Mizuho
Gravekeeper's Descendant
Elemental Hero Prisma
Test Tiger

That means that these effects are slow now, cannot be chained to other effects, and these monsters are now can be Trap Hole'd.

Notable cards unaffected by this change:
Black Rose Dragon
Green, Red, and Yellow Gadgets
Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North
Stardust Dragon

4Did you know...? Empty Re: Did you know...? Wed Feb 23, 2011 6:08 am


Adv. Duelist
Adv. Duelist
I think this announcement does make the new banlist make some more sense, at least from the OCG perspective. Dang, Bottomless is again a power card, the Book limit makes more sense, and the loosing of Card Trooper, Chaos Sorcerer, Demise, and Snipe Hunter make a lot more sense. We're not getting the new Starter Deck until the end of May, as per Wikia, so will the rule change go into effect then for us? Or will it just be in the next format?

I guess I'll play along with the game:

Did you know:

There are only 3 Level 11 monsters in the game?
The highest ATK of a Level 7 monster in YGO is 2800? There are 17 Level 7 monsters in YGO with 2800 ATK. There is no other tie in highest ATK for a level that is more than a 3-way tie, and there are only 3 other ties total (Levels 2, 6, and 12).
There are over 200 Normal Monsters in the OCG that haven't (and probably will never) be released in the TCG? Among them, notable are Battle Warrior, Horn Imp, and Cyber Commander (Used regularly in the anime/manga), Bat (Interesting OTK possible with it), Mystical Capture Chain, Binding Chain, Tenderness, and Winged Egg of New Life (More options for Herald builds), several Chaos-End Master targets, and more.

That's all for now.

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