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1Hello Empty Hello Sat Feb 19, 2011 3:57 am


Hello there, I'm Zafire.

I never know what to say in introduction.
I've been playing Yu Gi Oh for a little while now with My boyfriend and some of my friends.
I currently have 7 deck which are, Spellcaster, Lightsworn, Hopeless B-Eyes White Dragon, Fairies, Elemental Hero, and the two most resent and not totally finished Naturia and Ojama.
I don't really like playing meta as you can see. But I really enjoy those deck.
I'm still not very good at this and I hope you guys will be able to give me a hand.

So well that's about it, I wrote more then I thought.

Well talk to you guys later.

See ya.

2Hello Empty Re: Hello Sat Feb 19, 2011 10:29 pm


Hello, welcome here and have fun.

I'm glad that you're also (just like me) a meta-hater. Being creative is always better than use a casual, unoriginal Deck and win with that matches. I like to create unique Decks, even if they sucks sometimes, since when they don't suck, it's just a really good thing to win with your own conception.

Of course we'll help you, just don't forget to post your Deck ideas. As you can see here everybody helpful. Smile

Oh, and don't forget to check our custom YVD. It has some unique custom, original cards, and we also updated the set up to the latest cards (even those ones that weren't released in US/EU). For more informations, click here, or ask the others.

Stay active, and have fun.

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